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Park Avenue Merchants Association

A committee of the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, the Park Avenue Merchants Association (PAMA) is comprised of local merchants and non-retail members all committed to the betterment of the Park Avenue business district, including Hannibal Square and the surrounding area.  

Their mission is to ensure positive growth and development of the area by planning and promoting Park Avenue to residents and tourists. For a list of member benefits, click here.

The PAMA works closely with the City of Winter Park and community organizations to improve and promote economic development.

PAMA members meet monthly on the last Friday of the month at 8:30 a.m. at the Winter Park Welcome Center.  Subcommittees for Marketing, Events, Harriett's Park Avenue Fashion Week and other issues also meet as needed. Check out the 2015 Calendar of Events here.

Interested in joining this dynamic group? Download an application today.  Already a Chamber member? Contact Debra Hendrickson at (407) 644-8281 to add this to your annual membership dues.